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9 Haziran 2009 Salı

The Disappointment Series

The question of disappointment is a frequent question I have been examining(well not scientifically, better to say creating some brain trash by myself). Probably due to some experiences, maybe as a great piece of human life, and most and most probably as I see as the key feeling towards general mood, and a key motive of the reasons of many things, for the man.

Today, I surprisingly wanted to express myself in another language. That could have been even German. Thank God it is not, both for the writer and reader, for very clear reasons involving the capacity of the writer and the understanding of the reader :)

Anyway. How would you recognize that you are disappointed over something? Do you recognize it at all? As you don't know the alternative result, and as the alternatives will never be known to anyone, can we say that disappointment is a fake feeling that man sickly creates in his own mind? Do only the souls which are not sane enough(as nobody is perfectly sane) experience it deeply? Is inner-peace & restlessness relative to the level of the disappointment? 
How would and shall a disappointed man behave? Aggressive and determined, or with a silent acceptance and literal maturity(However you might define it)? What change does it make with regards to the disappointments occurring within your control or out of your control? Can you really figure whether it was under your control or not,too? How far disappointments can take you, and what would they make you do, or refrain from the certain things you might have done without them previously happening?

Too many questions without much exact answers. 

Es klingelt irgendwie von einer anderer Konstellation, aber noch, es ist in den Grenzen von dem Erd.  Und ja, etwas Grün wird gut sein...

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