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9 Haziran 2009 Salı

That Drive for Isolation

I guess it just comes at some point and never wanna leave you alone for a lifetime.

But, as human is a social existence, socially-driven and socially-motivated, or in another point of view, grown to be so out of the effect of the current society's collective unconscious whatsoever, there is still the necessity to console yourself and compensate for the lost socialization process and put something replacing that.

Well. I guess there are supposed to be some ways. There are no definite cures, however supposed to be some ways to enhance the situation. Music is one of them, Interactive World and the Internet, is definitely another one, and more and more people switch to that method each day. Well, in many cases, if you haven't yet found your soul twin or someone like that you might wanna refer with another cheesy/weird name, there is the pressure of P2P, Face-to-Face barrier and question of being locked at the mutual conversations.

But at the same time, it is not just a matter of conversation, too. It is at the same time a matter of behavior and as the age goes further and when you even see the early whites in the mirror, you also get the understanding of this fact: However much you like the people, however deep you are tied to them, you simply cannot stand their behaviors, manners or styles. Maybe they also cannot stand you, too. But every person is responsible with his/her own case, so, leaving apart the fact that empathy is a necessity in any relationship, every person will try to rectify and direct his/her own case.

Well. Je weniger, desto besser? Oder je mehr, desto super?

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